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Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words...
But with a thousand words, I can already utter a new galaxy, creating an ever expanding reality through imagination and mouth.
I can paint a million pictures and blend them into a masterpiece of feeling and presence.
I am able to influence thought,
bending matter, opening corridors of the mind for all that were locked unjustly by ignorance.
Pictures may be worth a thousand words...
But words are worth more than most realize.
After all, the power to create is to be like God.
And what you create resonates within the present, influences the future, and reflects who you are.
You are not born into who you will be, you are made.
And what shapes and influences you all depends on what letters you allow to fall onto your page and make out your story.
You are the author of your life.
You have the power to create, erase and edit anything you desire.
Past is a constant but you can’t make more chapters, without beginnin
:iconwishdreamlivedie:WishDreamLiveDie 2 8
Cause and Effect
You pushed me out and I might not ever know why...
I guess... what kills me most about this is how easy it came to you. As easy as it did to me to people that didn't matter.
A new perception,
Being the one that doesn't matter.
A part of me is satisfied. 
If you were happy, doing this then its for the best,
the easy way out,
But the rest of me screams out in protest.
Protest that something so small and foolish could cause such a great divide.
Then again,
I could be wrong, it could be more than enough reason for you.
But its not for me!
Causing you true pain.
I can understand why you could spit in my face for that,
but this... this is nothing.
Speak, speak for me now,
Scream out your cause, so I will understand you're effect.
:iconwishdreamlivedie:WishDreamLiveDie 4 0
There is no easy way to begin to say why disappointment and this bitter taste is stuck in my mouth.
There’s no easy way to express the feeling of knowing how you will easily be forgotten or abandon by ones who once viewed you as important or “friend” before,
But then again, if one abandons you so easily… are they really a friend?
What is a friend?
Am I the one to blame?
Guilt creeps up on my throat as I realize when the one of the most importance came into my life I took no time to embraced it and in a sense, flaunt it.
And yet, a part of me in anger can’t help but wonder, after all that time of putting me to the sidelines… you leave when you have a turn waiting there?
Thus my pride speaks, “How dare you run from the very thing you dished out, how dare you not handle your own bullshit. I am not at fault!”
But alas, I am.           
I chose people that would not choose me unless it was
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Roses of Love
I think, perhaps the reason why the rose is used as the symbol for love is because when it blossoms, it becomes more complex but beautiful as well.
The same can be said when you fall in love with a person.
Time develops it into something other than a superficial affection.
It has layers.
It's increasingly stunning as it opens up.
Just like a rose.
So darling, let our love be like a rose. Let it blossom and grow beautiful in its complexity. Let it be strong. Let light find and kiss us. Let wind chase us, teaching us how to move with change in grace. Let the rain bless us. Showering down and cleansing our spirits. Let it polish our souls so they can shine as our layers are revealed to the world. Let's reveal Love to the world. Shower it with beauty.
Let's start a garden.
And fill it with our roses.
:iconwishdreamlivedie:WishDreamLiveDie 4 0
You are the Music in My Heart
Love looks not with the eyes but the heart and darling you have filled mine with music
You’ve unleashed a symphony of happiness that has crescendo to a point of unbelievable bliss.
You have filled my being with hope and reassured me the entirety of God’s love is real by blessing me with you.
You’ve taken the broken wings’ of my song birds and filled their bones with a rejuvenation.
Their marrow is streamed with an array of colors and in the cracks are memories that have bonded us.
I see the Christmas lights where we shared our first kiss,
I see your smile, that white smile of yours, your happiness completes me.
I see the warm brown of your skin, your touch sets me on fire and your caress shakes all the atoms in my body.
I see the night when we made love for the first time… and the many other nights and times after that.
I see your eyes… I never realized before how much love eyes could hold until I met you. When you look at me with that amount of love
:iconwishdreamlivedie:WishDreamLiveDie 2 0
Past late time thoughts,
The reason I have so much doubt and fear is because I feel as if I am not wanted or worthy of love.
It's monumental to me, to be viewed as "precious" or worthy by someone.
Once in awhile,
I still feel as if  I'm just a worn out child's toy,
Like an old knotted doll made of rags,seen great through imagination.
But what am I? No, who am I to you really?
Am I the fabricated "golden" one?
How do you see me as being worthy of your love?
How am I so lucky?
Why, was I chosen?
Surely it must be more than some ideas you have of me?
Ideas can be changed.
And knowing that, how can I know your  love won't change when your idea of me does?
Like when you realize how cracked and broken I really am...
The past is a vicious string of black synapses,
Flashing to life a devil of barbed memories and reviving pain.

It's silly to say that love can strike so much fear in someone.
Even more so when I know you are nothing like the
heavy handed,
:iconwishdreamlivedie:WishDreamLiveDie 0 0
Attempts to Communicate
(You gotta acknowledge the cruelty to know when and how to appreciate the beauty)
I had an illusion of blood being rubies
And gold stitches transcended through a pathway of a beautiful being,
 Creating a masterpiece.
But it disperses
 And I'm left to wipe away the crusted blood
And witness the crude stitching lying beneath.
I crack the wound open, as useless clots fall,
(you can't stop the flow of these type of things),
I am now prepared to weave my story.
But as I try to open my mouth to speak,
My tongue ties,
Flipping around like a fish out of water.
Muscle and flesh, curdling in protest.
I know what they say is true,
 "No one is in your head, and by the time you translate your thoughts some essence of them maybe lost or perhaps, it is just kept."
But I don't desire to keep it to myself.
I am selfish.
I know thoughts are powerful and flings debris as they rattle the surrounding world.
So I take silence and disrespect it, breaking it.
It's probably a sin f
:iconwishdreamlivedie:WishDreamLiveDie 1 0
Mature content
XXXXXXXX :iconwishdreamlivedie:WishDreamLiveDie 0 0
I hate promises.
Do you know why?
Because promises show doubt.
When someone is going to do something for you, they either do it or say they will.
Not "I promise."

When they say, they promise, its nothing but a reassurance to not only you to get you to believe them
but it's to themselves.
 Its a statement that is suppose show commitment like a contract stating that you will do this.
But like so many other things that we add to our "to do list",
 Many of them are simply not done. 
It's been said promises are made to be broken.
And so far... what they have said has rang true for me.
:iconwishdreamlivedie:WishDreamLiveDie 0 0
Cold blue reminiscent steel
Glowing gold
embers burning
Bring me the night
Streaks of purple, blue and black break through
Bring me brusises
Like kisses, they press against my skin
Pressure shows you're alive.
Pressure reveals strength
Bring me life
Onward I press
Bruise of the night
:iconwishdreamlivedie:WishDreamLiveDie 1 0
Mature content
Untitled :iconwishdreamlivedie:WishDreamLiveDie 0 0
To be or not to be..
That is the question,
But with so many questions leading to so little answers
Who are we but 'to be' ever inquisitive?
Our thirst for knowledge never filled...
But who knows,
Maybe we are just foolish apes
Grasping for something our ego leads us to believe we have a right to.
Still.... curiosity is an addiction to me.
To be or not to be... will you continue to question?
:iconwishdreamlivedie:WishDreamLiveDie 0 0
A pitiful start does not mean it will be a pitiful end.
:iconwishdreamlivedie:WishDreamLiveDie 0 0
To break through to another realm,
A stroke of pen and brush,
Is it not beautiful?
A beginning has to start somewhere,
So why not my hands?
Here I go...
Behold my story!!!
:iconwishdreamlivedie:WishDreamLiveDie 1 0
I remember when..
I used to dream so vividly it brought color to my reality.
Energizing my life.
Let the dreams live on.
:iconwishdreamlivedie:WishDreamLiveDie 0 0
Expression needed...
For how dead are words with no emotion,
Empty corpses littering paper,
Piling up
Agitating the brain.
:iconwishdreamlivedie:WishDreamLiveDie 0 0


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Imagine being moonlight and snow,
Blanketing everything in white and light.
Untouched, pure, and surprisingly icy to the foreign of your domain.

This is my land.
The land of crystals and breath and light.

Air rushes to surround me.
Life, the warmth of my blood pulses through my body, proving it.

What a feeling of clarity.
To be the only thing alive in a barren landscape.


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United States
Hungry for beauty...
Awake my passion and enlighten my mind
Let my eyes feast, my soul yearn, and my conscious expand


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